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How do I register?
By going to the sign up page; its quick, easy and only takes a minute.

Do I need to register to access this site?
No. You do not need to be registered to view the sites classified ads, events calendar, cats mini-mall or cattery directory. However, you need to register and be logged in to fully access other features of site, (see below, why do I need to register).

Why do I need to register?
Registration allows you to enter the secure portion of our site using a unique user ID and password created by you. Then you will be able to access your "my-fanciers page" and use the "reminder notes" and "favorite links" features. As a registered user you gain immediate and unlimited access to features on the site including signing up for a free basic listing, access to post and edit your classified ads and events calendar, use the mail-form to contact breeders, and quick access to upgrade options.

What does it cost to register?
There is absolutely NO cost to register. There is a cost "only" if you decide to upgrade and enjoy full benefits of any of our premium services.

Why do you need my email? I get enough spam as it is!
After you register you will be able to enter the secure portion of our site using a unique user ID and password created by you. Your email is needed to validate the user registering (this helps to discourage fraudulent sign ups which diminishes system resources), we need to send you a verification code to the email address you provide. At fanciersplus we put a emphasis on spam prevention. Your privacy is important to us; we will "never" rent, sell, or share your email with any 3rd parties in any way, for any purpose. Helpful Spam Prevention Tips

Why do I need a username and password?
This is necessary in order to validate a user. By having you choose a username and password, only "you" will have access to "your fancierspage" where you can keep reminder notes, list of favorite links, or post on the cat message boards with editing abilities, join the free fanciersplus banner network, and easy access to upgrade or edit your ad information keeping it current and up to date.

How do I chose a username?
Your username can be anything you like, such as your name, abbreviations, combinations of letters and numbers. It is like a nickname and is the way in which you would be identified on the site.

How do I chose a password?
It should contain a mix of four different types of characters -- upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers, and special characters such as *@#$%! It should not include any part of your name or your e-mail address, the more unique the better. No one but you will know your password as it is encrypted and stored. Your password is your entry key into the site. Just as with the keys to your house you need to take good care of your password.

When I log in it says, "invalid password"
You're typing the password incorrectly. Please enter the password exactly the way you signed up with.

When I log in it says, "user name does not exist"
You did not register yet, or you are typing the user name incorrectly. Please enter your user name exactly the way you signed up with.

I can't remember my username/password?
If you are already registered but have forgotten your username or password, please, contact us.

Why do I need to have my browser set to accept cookies?
Fanciersplus uses cookies, small text files placed on your hard drive by a web page server to identify you as a user of fanciersplus and to ensure that "only you" can access your account. It "does not" store any personal information about you that could be accessed by other web sites. If you check the "remember me" option at log in, the service will use a cookie to remember you the next time you log in. This saves you from having to re-log in each time you visit.

What Cookies Are

A cookie is a small piece of information, often no more than a short session identifier, that the HTTP server sends to the browser when the browser connects for the first time. Thereafter, the browser returns a copy of the cookie to the server each time it connects. Typically the server uses the cookie to remember the user and to maintain the illusion of a "session" that spans multiple pages. Because cookies are not part of the standard HTTP specification, only some browsers support them: currently Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 and higher, and Netscape Navigator 2.0 and higher. The server and/or its CGI scripts must also know about cookies in order to take advantage of them.

Cookies cannot be used to "steal" information about you or your computer system. They can only be used to store information that you have provided at some point. To give a benign example, if you fill out a form giving your favorite color, a server can turn this information into a cookie and send it to your browser. The next time you contact the site, your browser will return the cookie, allowing the server to alter background color of its pages to suit your preferences.

In addition to the privacy issues, cookies carry security implications as well. Many sites use cookies to implement access control schemes of various sorts. For example, a subscription site that requires a user name and password might pass a cookie back to your browser the first time you log in. Thereafter, the site will give you access to restricted pages if your browser can produce a valid cookie, basically using the cookie as an admission ticket. This can have several advantages for the site, not the least of which is that it can avoid the overhead of looking up your user name and password in a database each and every time you access a page.

I've registered but when I log in it keeps signing me in as Welcome Guest
There are several likely possibilities:

You do not have cookies enabled.

Another possibility is that you may be running software that interferes with cookie usage. There are many filtering and blocking software packages available for Internet users these days, and many of them also filter cookies. If you are running software like this, then your computer may not receive or send cookies. This will cause sites you visit to assume you are not accepting cookies.

Finally, your machine may be behind a firewall or proxy server that prevents cookie transmission. This is most likely in a corporate environment. So, regardless of how your browser is set, cookies won't be sent or received by your browser. Since the cookies aren't making it through to your browser, the Web Site will assume you personally aren't accepting them.

To set your browser to cookies enabled see below:

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.x
Select "Internet Options" from the Tools menu.
Click on the "Privacy" tab.
Click "Advanced" button.
Check the "Override automatic cookie handling" box.
Set "Allow cookies that are stored on your computer" to "Enable".
Set Accept First and Third party cookies.
Click "OK" Twice.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x
Select "Internet Options" from the Tools menu.
Click on the "Security" tab.
Click "Custom Level" button.
Scroll down to the "Cookies" section.
To enable:
Set "Allow cookies that are stored on your computer" to "Enable".
Set "Allow per-session cookies" to "Enable".
Click "OK".

Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x
Select "Internet Options" from the View menu.
Click on the "Advanced" tab.
Scroll down to find "Cookies" within the "Security" section.
To enable:
Select "Always accept cookies".
Click "OK".

Netscape Communicator 4.x
Select "Preferences" from the Edit menu.
Find the "Cookies" section in the "Advanced" category.
To enable:
Select "Accept all cookies" (or "Enable all cookies").
Click "OK".

AOL (v4.0) For Windows:
Type keyword Preferences
Click Internet Properties
Click Security Tab
Click Custom Level
Scroll Down to Cookies
Allow cookies that are stored on your computer should be checked as enabled. If it is not, please check it.
Allow per-session cookies (not stored) should be checked as enabled. If it is not, please check it.
Click OK to Exit

AOL (v4.0) for Mac:
Click Members or My AOL
Click Preferences
Click WWW or web
Click Advanced tab and scroll down until you see the word Cookies.
Enabled should be checked. Click OK to exit.